Diocesan Web Hosting
Signing Up - Parishes

If your parish would like to take advantage of our free hosting package, or would like further details, please contact the communications officer (tel 212.316.7520 email) who will be glad to assist you. All parishes are eligible, although those with large existing sites and high storage and bandwidth requirements may find us too restrictive. 
Signing up - Other Diocesan Organizations

It is the general policy of the diocese that its committees and other organizations that owe their existence ultimately to resolutions of the Diocesan Convention, or which represent the diocese to the world, should have their web presence as part of the diocesan website. This is not, however, an inflexible policy. Please, therefore, if you believe that your mission will be better served with a freestanding site, consult the communications officer at 212.316.7520 or by email. Note also that even if your web page is on the diocesan website, we may be able to set you up with a freestanding and easily identifiable email option.
Signing Up - Related Organizations

This applies to organizations which are not formally part of the diocese, but which are related to it in some way. Eligibility of such organizations for free hosting will be decided on a case by case basis. If you think that your organization may qualify, please contact the communications officer at 212.316.7520 or by email.